Tochigi Prefecture’s Number One Japanese hotel with an ever flowing hot spring.

Shimofujiya has been ranked as the number one Japanese hotel with an ever flowing hot spring (kakenagashi onsen) in Tochigi Prefecture by Matsuda Tadanori who is widely known as the hot spring professor.

According to Matsuda the Okushiobara Shin Hot Spring is located at the highest point in the Okushiobara Hot Spring Village, and its position next to a volcanic vent make it a striking example of a sulfur spring. It’s this spring (which is the only sulfur spring in the area) that constantly overflows the baths of Shimofujiya.

Even amongst volcanic hot springs this particular spring has a very distinctive smell which only further cements its true authenticity. Known to help your veins expand, clean your blood, and improve circulation these waters also help encourage the body to burn fat. These same benefits can also be obtained by breathing in the sulfur which as vaporized into the air.

“The Hot Spring Professor” Matsuda has tried our hot spring and he champions it as one that is very effective at promoting the health benefits listed above, and one of Japan’s leading hot springs.

The Shimofujiya Grand Bath.

The gorgeous ever flowing sulfur spring constantly overflows this luxurious bath filled with all natural cloudy hot spring water.

Outdoor Garden Bath

Feel the warmth of nature in this extravagant bath surrounded by luscious greenery. This bath is also available for private rental.

This bath is open from 8:00-22:00 however from 19:30-22:00 it is only available for private rental. Private rentals are just 540 yen per 30 minutes. Schedule is subject to change. Please inquire about private rentals when you check in. There is no showering facilities located in the outdoor bath area. Mineral content: calcium chloride, bicarbonate.

Secluded Springs

For hot spring enthusiasts there are several little known public hot springs within a five minute walk of Shimofujiya. Each of these spots are free of charge but be aware they can get very crowded at times.

Aside from your dip in one of these local spots, smoke bellowing from the earth and the smell of sulfur are two other ways you’ll be able to feel the splendor and power of nature’s beauty.

These hot springs are open from 7:00-18:00 though due to cleaning they may be closed.

Mujina no Yu (men and women separate)

All natural hot spring water seeps into this stone bath completely unaltered. Regular locals make this particular bath boisterous and lively. Though you may find the water a little hot, try your best to not add any cold water to the spring. If you can do that you’ll be rewarded with a refreshing feeling once you get out of the bath.

  • Effective for treating: nerve pain, rheumatism, muscle soreness and arthritis.
  • Mineral content: acidic sulfur, aluminum sulfate (hydrogen sulfide type)
  • Temperature: 59.2℃ pH 2.4
  • 4 minute walk from Shimofujiya

Naka no Yu (men and women separate)

While it may be cozy, this hot spring boasts water from the same spring that the hotels in the Okushiobara area use. Compared to Mujina no Yu, or Tera no Yu the water is slightly softer.

  • Effective for treating: nerve pain, muscle soreness, arthritis
  • Mineral content: simple sulfur spring (hydrogen sulfide type)
  • Temperature: 79.2℃ pH 2.6
  • 2 minute walk from Shimofujiya

Tera no Yu (mixed bathing, men and women bathe together)

This bath is located directly in front of the smoke bellowing volcanic sulfur vent. Tera means temple in Japanese, and though the temple is now gone, the hot spring still carries the name tera. As it is located next to a volcanic crater the mineral content is especially high making the water very cloudy in this hot spring, and because of this you’ll notice a slight tingle in your skin. If you’ve ever wanted to try mixed bathing, this cozy little hot spring is an unintimidating way to give it a shot.

  • Effective for treating: skin ailments, athlete’s foot, burns.
  • Mineral content: acidic sulfur, aluminum sulfate (hydrogen sulfide type)
  • Temperature: 74.3℃pH 2.2
  • 1 minute walk from Shimofujiya

Detox, and Beautify The Hot Spring Way

Shimofujiya’s grand bath, constructed from beautifully aromatic Japanese cypress, constantly overflows with naturally sulfur laden hot spring waters. These waters, known for their detoxifying qualities, also possess the three most important beautifying qualities. Firstly it is a hydrogen carbonate spring. Secondly it is chocked full of sulfates. And lastly it is a sulfur spring. Its pH balance of 2.6 gives its waters incredible anti-bacterial properties making a dip in this hot spring effective against any chronic skin ailments.

In addition sulfur springs are very commonly associated with their detoxifying effects. A dip in these naturally health inducing waters will help you expunge toxins from within your body. It will also remove aging skin with a beautifying touch that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

The pH of 2.6 is on the very low end of the scale giving it a higher acidity, and thus lower alkalinity.

The Secret Behind The Shimofujiya Grand Bath’s Beautifying Water

Though nearly transparent when it flows from the spring, given a little time the water turns a cloudy whitish color. If you bring your nose close to the water’s surface you’ll catch a smell of sulfur. It’s then you know this water is bursting with therapeutic benefits. Immerse yourself in this mineral laden water and let the natural elements permeate into your skin leaving it smooth silky and soft. On top of the softness this hot spring will also leave you feeling a longer than normal lasting warmth.

  • Our hot spring is originally 80 degrees Celsius however in order to bring the water to a perfect temperature to you, absolutely nothing is added.
  • As our hot spring is ever flowing (kakenagashi onsen) the surface is very hot. You can enjoy this pleasant sensation, or it it’s too hot, just mix the water with your hand and the surface will cool down nicely.
  • To continue enjoying the effects of the hot spring water be sure not to rinse off after you get out of the bath. The effects can last for up to two days though before leaving Shimofujiya you may want to rinse off with a shower as the minerals in the hot spring are quite fragrant.

Sulfur Spring pH 2.6/79.2 degrees Celsius

Effect for Treating: Chronic skin ailments, feminine disorders, rheumatism, nerve pain, lower back pain, hardening arteries, and high blood pressure. Also has excellent beautifying and detoxifying properties.

Special Features: Its detoxifying properties can even be effective for treating metal or medicinal poisoning, and its beautifying properties can even remove old and dying skin leaving your skin feeling revitalized.